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We Increase Revenue and Improve the Guest Experience

Museum Revenue Partners is North America’s leading cultural commerce consultancy. We are specialists in museum retail planning and store design, visitor amenities, product development, publishing, food service, and operations, with a broad range of practice areas that make us the most complete choice for cultural institutions seeking support for their business endeavors. MRP is unique in the museum consulting arena because of our diverse expertise and holistic financial perspective, which values how an institution’s revenue-generating disciplines function together. We know that exceptional visitor experiences are created by considering customers’ and guests’ needs first, but we also understand how to make museum stores, café operations, and marketing programs effective and profitable. Our projects are known for extremely thorough research, consideration of the total market—cultural as well as commercial—and for delivering actionable plans and innovative design. Our consultants use data and industry insights to plan for the coming years in order to build enduringly valuable programs for our clients. We firmly believe in the words of astronaut and trailblazer Mae Jemison—“The future never just happened. It was created.”

Award Winning, Client-Centric, and Future-Focused

MRP’s key practice areas include new museum planning and renovations, revenue improvement strategies, and innovative engagement programs. We have niche specialties in outsourcing vs. self-operated models for retail and café operations, curatorial collaboration, sustainability and green initiatives, and DEI perspectives for merchandise and retail that increase cultural markets by seeking out and communicating with new arts consumers and groups.

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